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It is easier to destroy a thousand forests...

than it is to bring one 

flower into the world.









Theory of Australian Royalism


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1.When Don Juan Meets The Beast With Two Backs

(Unrequited Love)  To be honest I spent most of my young manhood pining after every beautiful woman I saw.Shakespeare said however that it is better to have loved and lost than it is to have not loved at all.I think this is profound.

2.Refugee Ship

(The arrogance of an expatriot in Asia and his foolish adventures in the Sumatran Sea.)  I first went to South East Asia in 1992.







3.The Woes Of A Transportee

(Autobiographical) I've had twenty odd jobs in my life but two decades after finnishing school I find myself back where I started.Life's like that.

4.An Amorous Cyclops

(Imaginative Romance)




5.The Virgin

(The folly of young love)  They say that wine,women and song will ruin a man and I guess that's right.I was doing well in Secondary School up until my fifth form when I started serious relationships with women.My behaviour was spendthrift,suicidal,arrogant and reckless.School became a secondary priority and the repurcussions of this I still feel today.

6.One Too Many Hangovers

(An Australian Adventure)  In 1996 I spent 9 months travelling through Queensland starting at Rockhampton and finnishing at Port Douglas.It was arduous at times.

7.Nature And Fertility

(A dissenting voice rallying against right wing politics)  I am trying to express the superficiality of materialism.

8.Schizophrenic Personalities Are Holy Too

(Animism)  I think Pagan religion is legitimate including Aboriginal religion.

9.Thinking About Sin And Ignoring Salvation

(Confrontations with Stigmata)  In 1994 I went through a very acrimonious breakup with my defacto at the time.It was made worse by some psychiatric issues I found myself beset with.I wandered aimlessly through Queensland semi-homeless staying in Backpacker's hostels.I don't know if it was different life experience or whether I just really had some problems but I found myself being misunderstood by foreigners from all over the world.

10.The Psyche Is A Myriad Of Vibrancy

A metaphysical perspective regarding decision making)  My life is different since I studied Classical Philosophy and Epistemology at University.I have discovered there is no such thing as relative truth.

11.Profile Of A Man Suffering Psychosis

(Incarceration)  This is about my struggle with psychiatric medication and my feelings of isolation as an Athiest in an increasingly Christian fundamentalist society.



12.Socialist Men And Women Are Willing To Fight For Justice

(Confrontations with stigmata)  I have found much opposition to my free and open personality in my life.I had a lot of dealings with the Australian Communist Party and they helped me a lot.

13.A Violent Attitude

(Confrontations with stigmata)  This is ostensibly inspired by Gibbon's book 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.'It is also a metaphor for my own life.

14.A Wise Owl

(Classical Philosophy in a modern setting)

I had a spiritual awakening after studying the Neo-Platonism of More and Lipsius.





15.The Future Is A Nightmare Of Garesh Colours

(Dissent)  I believe humankind contemporaneously is heading towards materialism and superficiality.I believe Eastern religions teach the concepts of abstinence,open mindedness and reincarnation.These concepts bring the individual greater happiness. 

16.Communists Are Brave Warriors

(Commentary regarding the oppressed people of Laos.) I visited Laos in 1999 with my wife.

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17.Crazy Horse

(The Enlightenment)  This is about the triumph I achieved over my psychiatric problems through an increase in my self-esteem due to my marriage in 1999.

18.Mermaids And The Morality Of Atlantis

(Prudence)  This is a reference to Greek philosophy especially Ciceronian virtue which includes maxim's like fortitude bravery selflessness and




19.A Vision Of A Disturbed Man

(Self-esteem revisited.)  This is about my frequent frustration at feeling that I have failed in life.It is about being undervalued and paid minimum wage for my work.Now I spend my days drowning my sorrows.




20.A Man And His Condemmed Knowledge

(Esoteria)  In my opinion I was more intelligent than my psychiatrist's and my understanding that 'I am God' and 'Black Orpheus may reclaim his bride by leaving hell without looking back' are concepts by Tolstoy and Sophocles rather than being delusional. 







(History)  This is about my reverence for the place that Australia holds in Her Majesty's Commonwealth.It is somewhat retrospective because the importance that the Queen has for most Australian's is largely diminished.

22.The Truth Is Abstract And Unordinary

(Criticising narrow mindedness in Australian society)  This is about the Nepotism and Opportunism of modern Leaders.

23.Colours Fighting Each Other As Is The World

(Deploring Pre-Emptive Military Strikes)

I opposed the second invasion of Iraq and always knew that the WMD theory was false however I don't support violent Jihad and I implore Muslims to regard Jihad as described in the Koran as a creative concept rather than a destructive one.


24.Divine Intentions Are The Colours Of Nature

(Spirituality)  This poem describes a momentary Christian phase I went through after reading the Bible extensively.





25.Fantasy Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

(Egalitarianism)  This is about my indignation at egotistical famous people because I myself although a meak man can conjure chivalrous behaviour towards others and I point out that as soon as we are born we begin to die and everyone is valuable whether they are famous or not.


26.A Mans Ambition Is Eclipsed By Motherhood







27.The Rainbow Serpent And Classical Theology

(Classical Theology)  This poem is inspired by the book 'Oedipus' written by Sophocles.I have compared my own travels in Tasmania and Queensland to the arduos journey of Oedipus.It was part of his blind legend that wherever Oedipus was to reside would be a victorious country in war,this is the reason for my reference to Sydney and Melbourne.The end of the poem includes a reference to the Sphinx and it's riddle which in this case is to do with the appearance of God.


28.An Oriental Man

(The Spirit of Enterprise)  Whilst I have conducted my many adventures I have always contemplated business ventures but also heed their Asian wisdom that lust for wealth is negative.




  29.Outlawed Bohemian Abstraction

(Evolving Communism)  By the 1970's the Australian Communist Party was increasingly becoming less relevant to Australian society culminating in it's virtual oblivion in 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall.I think it's fair to say that an Ultra Left Wing Politico is a very different creature in 2009.

30.Tropical Madness

(Australian Politics)  My experiences in Asia have sometimes involved significant physical hardship but my spirit and idealism has not been diminished.

31.The Dark Girl

(War in Indonesia)  During the 1999 interfet invasion of East Timor I was also in Indonesia staying with my wife's parents in Central Java.I guess out of boredome I was having a hard time also with the heat and my focus on keeping up good morale meant I was keeping myself busy reading and writing etc.I must admit it was a thrill to see the Australian commandoes land on the beaches.However Australian's should bear in mind that there are many Christians in Java as are my in-laws.

32.Sake Psychosis Painting

(Paying homage to the infamous history of Japan)Since their victory in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 the might of Japan has been self-evident.Today they are still accused of being feudal.I've met a few whilst travelling and I like them.


(Rallying against Fundamentalism)  The philosopher Nietzhe believed that modern civilisation should revive the European Pagan religions.This idea appeals to me as I find mythos such as the Norse and Greek to be beautiful and full of courageous wonderful legend.Indeed Pagan Fertility Goddesses and rites were merely barely altered to become the Holy Mother Mary.

34.Concept 5 over 4

(Nostalgic Free Verse)  in this poem I am recalling memories as far back as secondary School and being deliberately oblique because I believe what we view in the media rot's your brain.  

35.The Colour Of Chaotic Freedom

(A claim that multi-culturalism is valuable)  I believe that there should be love and respect between first world peoples and people from developing or third world cultures.Who is to say that Aboriginal people are primitive,not knowing anything of value.Also we should not to be so quick to be intolerant of developing nations even when there are human rights abuses.

36.A Picture Of Drug Induced Insanity

(Unrequited Love)  Having suffered at the hands of Mental Health practioners I am proud that despite my various shortcomings I know I'm not stupid.

37.The Mind Of A Snail

(Insight Into Mental Illness)  I have felt remorse at not adequately expressing to my loved ones how much they mean to me.I have felt remorse at not being truly dedicated to my family and I have felt great loneliness.I believe that all you have to do is switch on the television and you can become depressed.We live in a terrible world.

38.Eskimos Are The Predecessors Of The American Indians

(Anthropology)  The remaining indigenous people of the world still living a traditional lifestyle to me appear happy and strong despite their adversity.

39.Irrational Shapes Like My Demented Country

(The lament of a poor man who finds his spirituality in historical literature)  I find the dullness of living in a modern industrialised society a condition to defy even with the application of the emotion anger.I don't agree that Australia should be a boring place.

40.The True Face Of Dead Men

(Biography)  This is a whimsical and satirical biography of some famous historical figures.

41.The Ambience Of The Sun And Love

(Reflections on the beautiful women of the world.)  I wrote most of this poem in the early nineties.It is actually a combination of lines written about several different women.I started writing poetry earnestly in 1992 in Java.I met many beautiful women there but there was a barrier between any intimate relationship because at that time it was still the Soeharto era and society was conservative with little sex before marriage.Therefore I didn't want to take the Virginity of any local girls because if I failed to marry her,she would be villified by her family and the community.I had to wait until such a time that I could return to Australia where the culture is more Liberal.

42.The Prudent Use Of Cruelty Is Part Of Heterodox Art

(Aussie Battlers come in all shapes and sizes but can't be defeated)  I decided very early in life to practice the adage of 'treat them mean and keep them keen.'Women don't need a man to be neurotic over them.They see it as  being feminine.

43.The Lost Art Of Strategic Roman Thinking

(A dissenting voice rallying against right wing politics)






44.The Meaning Of Theology Is Life

(Theology)  Here I discuss a duality in life wherein wisdom resides in an active youthful mind but also Jewish philosophers who have described the cause of their plight during the cold war said that they had strayed from God's natural order and were being punished for it.People like to watch nature documentaries whilst ignoring the nature outside their very front door.If the Jewish philosopher's are correct omen's may be explained because everything in nature including humans is connected.



45.Mysterious Women

(The loss of reputation)  The worm has turned in gender politics because of women's access to birth control and abortion.Previously pregnancy was a impediment to women having control over their lives and they were subject to the dominion of men.

46.We Are The Ancestors Of Convict Peasants

(Left Wing Politics)  I lived in a very poor community in Tasmania in 1997 and it truly was horrible but the people kept a brave face.

47.Crazy Primordial Thoughts

(Incarceration)In 1996 I was enrolled in Hobart Tafe studying Frontline Management but was experiencing intense occurences of what the psychiatric community calls refferencing which is the sensation that the media including the paper is talking about the individual.I went to Hobart hospital to get medication for the problem and became violent and started punching Wardens and Police.I was rendered unconscious through injections of sedatives and the next day was sent to a maximum security psychiatric ward in the Royal Derwent Hospital which was the destination for insane convicts from Port Arthur Prison.It was a scary environment with some queer characters and a lot of violence.I employed a lot of mental strategies to get out after only two weeks.I am proud that I survived it.




(Dissidence)  I think society has dealt me a lot of cruel blows in life.Similar to the inner character of most women I was initially a gentle type of character but after experiencing ignorance and violence over many years I became disfunctional.The psychiatrists believe that this was exacerbated through drug use such as LSD.However Aldous Huxley the famous author stated that LSD opens a valve in the brain which is forever open and increases perception.I am self righteous about myself and hate violence towards women.


49.Portrait Of A Depressed Man

(Reality) I have been guilty of disloyalty to some of my lovers and it left me feeling empty and small.As I have aged I have become less effected by external influences by 'going with the flow',by not second guessing things or messages in my environment .I have a love/hate relationship with Australia and it's people and if sometimes I am abrasive that is because 'what goes around comes around.'

50.The Sea Is Blue

(Psychosis)  After being diagnosed with Mental Illness I did much travelling to the seas of Tropical Far North Queensland to the volcanoes of Central Java and the snow capped ranges of Tasmania.I found myself pyscologically at odds with Tasmanian people but lived there for quite a while and was nervous on the eve of my return to Sydney wondering whether I would cope with the new environment.


51.The Dubious Appeal Of The Harem

(Recognising the lasciviousness of Western society)  Might is Right even in love.I would be misrepresenting myself if I was to say I've never broken women's hearts.Indeed I have an infamous reputation with at least a few females.

52.The Face Of Desperation

(Moral Decay) The idea that the individual is God is best described in the epilouge to War and Peace by Tolstoy.I don't feel uncomfortable in rich environments because my biological Father whom I maintain a relationship with is rich although at times I have been homeless.This has caused a lot of friction between us.


53.An Islamic Face

(Dissent)  Due to my own critical analysis of Australian society I am aware of the object truth about other issues such as Muslim fundamentalists.It is not healthy to hate people whether they are terroists or not but I am critical of religion always and have lived in Muslim societies for a reasonable period of time and my best defense against fundamentalism is my sharp intellect.Jesus is a prophet of Islam.

54.The Black Knight

(Relative Truth)  My story isn't so rare.Many people are hurt by life.I was naive about the dependability of women who are very fallable.I as part of my recovery from a mental breakdown took up horse riding and felt that I could communicate with them emphatically especially if I'd been smoking marijuana.


55.Portrait Of Heros The Sun God

(Classical Theology)  This poem expresses my criticism of Christianity which I believe to be overly introspective and morally hypocritical.The philosopher Nietze best ezxpresses this by the quote 'Beyond Good and Evil.'I don't think you can easily understand the huge amount of prudishness Christianity has effected our brains with,not just in terms of behaviour but outlook and spiritual well-being.I praise the Pagan Greek God of the Sun Heros who is famed as driving a chariot which is the Sun across the heavens.



(A satirical commentary on Australian society) 

57.A Small Creature

(City Blues)   This is about being an outsider and being lonely.I've had some great relationships with women and am happily married but like the Rolling Stones say 'Love is a street full of tears.'


58.Mysterious Force Of The Grail

(Mysticism)  I think Australia contemporaneously lacks guts and will in comparrison to where we were in 1914.I am also sick of getting treated like shit by almost everyone.

59.A Face Of Angst

(Deploring Disposable Society)  I've lived in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs on and off over the years.I wrote this poem whilst living in Paddington.I compare women to cats because they are mysterious but shallow and I compare men to dogs because they are brave but clumsy.Ultimately I think the adult singles scene is imoral and facile and we'd have more integrity if we could return to how we were when we were fourteen.

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