Every demonic possession brings forth bad karma.
All those that espouse the magnanimity of their
experience are truly lost.
It is better to exist rather than live even if one is to
lie in a deathbed far removed from times when one
valued oneself.
Endorphin rushes slowly bring me to my
knees.The knowledge of ones
dieing is like a frightful shame which
others openly laugh at as if they
were here to lend a hand.
When I betray myself it's
only because the cruelty of mine and
others is a frightful way
of life for whole communities.
What is love when the women
I know share with me the same
malaise, subject to ravenous
dogs who betray us in the name
of righteousness.  
To bear the brunt of accusers and fly through  
existence drifting high on the winds of hate is  
navigating with a broken brain.