Portrait Of Heros the Sun God

You and your fire can scorch, abate or bring a
hard man to his knees.
In lands far from the Delphi oracle are your
journeys made.
Hermes doth marvel at your climb through the
What is there that may account for such a
Your impiety is the running of the wolf and thou
may let ice form when a simple sigh could melt
all the snows of this world.
Who do you answer to fiery God?
Do you shine on our meagre civilisation after
another's command?
Are you at odds with the Goddess of night?
Who shall you ordain and marshal in times of
Whereas Jehova lives in an ethereal heaven of
clouds and pure peace, yours is the plunder of
Christian Crusaders horded.
Your concubines are the handmaidens of fire
and your endeavour is the new day's splendour.
The fanfare of man at his greatest is a bequest
unto Heros the Sun God.