Are you from the DSS come for some licentiousness?Could you tell me your name and give me some address?You Aussie bludgers sure are blessed.Meet my cousin down in Luang Prabang. I promise you he’s the best.This is the Peoples’ Republic man we never rest.They make us work like the terrorist.Let’s rob banks in Laos.As soon as we get here they want us out.Where from the section eight crew.Why don’t you help us out.We like Lenin too.Don’t stare too much at the Hmong women.They’ll expect a golden ring.Don’t get into a fight with Dave.He’s up here buying heroin.Be sure to line any Frenchmen cause they think racism's’ the thing.

  Let’s rob banks in Laos.Down in Australia they put it in the water so you’re gay.Up in the delta it’s so you do what they say.Now I know what they mean by it’s all one day.Shoot first and ask questions later.They kill the bullock on new years day.This is the last stand at Vientiane.This is an army of legionnaire on Valium.