Wow baby!
Travelling light on the highways and
the byways.
Fifteen hundred miles over three days
and sleeping by the side of the road
like there was no place I'd rather be.
Hasseling truck drivers for a lift.
Getting strip searched by cops.
Getting hassled for my pack and all
the while looking for a good time with
a woman who just wasn't there.
It's a big shock when alcohol takes you
Print 75cm by 100cm

Price $290 Aus Dollar

Title:'One Too Many Hangovers'

so high that when you fall you end up
smack bang in the middle of nowhere
surrounded by cane fields.When you
awake in a ditch and find you're on
the verge of an arid and stoney desert
you wonder why anyone would need to
take mescalin to get high.It's good to
get away from imbeciles whose grotesque
forms can only mock when they themselves
are detestable.Adversity and triumph are
a disease to those of lesser intellect.Walking
on roads becomes like walking on rose
petals paying homage to Krisna.