So it seems that on the morrow of a year of testing
and trials, I shall be travelling afar to where a
subtropical heat sits heavily on a sprawling
metropolis very different from this lonely and
desolate outpost.
The stares and heavy handedness of those I have
abused, will they go with me too?
Will I have strength enough to cope with the opera
of sound in a city full of jackhammers?
What of the sex obsessed tigress they breed in this
powerful and well to do city?
It is true I once made and gave pleasure there
despite its urban sprawl.
Now I am little accustomed to the ways of city
When you're on the run it's as if you capture the
imagination of the people.
When you slow down you seem to receive their
Last night I dreamt I held gently colourful birds.At  
last a dream of the Earth.When your life is a torment and one
does climb a volcano in search of God, make your
way to the sea.