I am struck down and am always so pompous
but it's interesting how battle lines are drawn.
Men are gone and crumbling.
We are forever playing in circus's of our own
Different parts of my personality bewail the
surgeon's knife as if I must suffer for my fooldom.
This is my kingdom, fooldom.
All I can remember is smoking marijuana, so I
lost, I failed.
Thankyou, paddle your own canoe.
Who knows where I went wrong?
Who knows where you went right?
So very blah, injurious and cheap, hocked
women, self righteousness.
It makes me cry.
All over and out but when do we end?
And who knows what misadventure and way
shall take me now?
Petty am I.
Disposessed of ny worth if there ever was any.
I don't need to justify why a horse should be looked after
and I don't have to justify why animals like me.