Who shall oppose the red rose.Death lilies are purile.
Red is proof of our mortality
Thorns are punishment for the liar in us all.
Would you rediscover a thousand years chant

If it were a heresy?
Would you feed the starving?
Congratulations on your victory,
Sorry about that mortal wound you'd rather forget.
We're shattered.
Shattered and flattered

That someone drove us To this world of hybrids and mishap.

I thrive on impending doom.
Calamity and disaster are my most loyal friends.
Cloning and debasement,these are our niceties
Have a beer on me.

Well my friends
It is only right that thou shall have a foe.
Why do you pester with your stupid closeted minds.
A-ha you see,
Sometimes we can realise
That pain makes us stronger.
Sometimes we forget...