I love Islamic fundamentalists.
The best way to realise the criminality of one race
is to find out that you yourself live in a corrupt society.
Is this the way to behave?
This is not the way as shall it never be.
People who pray in congregations, what are they?
Are they sublime or are they Dante Esque parrodies
in a world that really doesn't suit me?
Who can tell?
Laws are the music of stark places.
Places where justice becomes justice and what are
the mistakes one might see as appropriate when you
get the grail?
My thoughts are a sword and cleave-too shall I slice
and splice my enemies.
Their distaste when faced with an adversary is
I am considering my options.
The Kurds are the new Jews.
In the summer heat Islam is a haze.
It is burning tyres.
It is the air thick with dust.
It is jungle spasm.
It is a puppet show at night.