Wrong destination, I protest.
Wires spew forth from stereos whence comes my knowledge.
"Quit smoking" they say.
I can't find reasons why this strife need be nicotine free.

On Australias' Eastern shore two cities vie for supremacy.
Oedipus roams betwixt these two poles,

The muse are racketeers who with righteous words lead him to extremes
Their seductive melody like sirens whispers guide him unto the Sphinx.How often I have to the wishing star, given some silent prayer...
That the tracks I follow might bring solace.
The sphinx stands before the doomed traveller barring his path,
"Oedipus, if thou be man alike to the image of the Almighty is the almighty alike to an image of yourself?
Oedipus unabashed answered,"Orchids do grow in the forest for but a short while but their beauty is forever."