How I am ashamed to be a marxist.
How trodden is my pride and how petty
are the criticisms of scoundrels.
From the ground up is how I learnt what
it is to despatch an enemy.
In South East Asia communists are still
despatching their enemies.
In socialist Australia a communist cannot be
However his gloom is a daily occurence.
Still he can get feeling really fine should he
come cashed up.
I guess Marx had a sense of humour.
Was the communist manifesto spiritually inadequate?
Were the proletariat like myself struggling to attain
what their leaders described as admirable qualities
of a true soviet socialist?
Leaders will not a hero have of me.
If ever I were to sit down with Marx I would argue
there are no absolutes.
Proletariat revolution today is the screaming silence of
an enigma.