Hell becomes something I'd rather not endure.
When it seems I have the chance to finally gather good in life and live,
Dieing by degrees is by way of a consolation my way of existing.

Even when I am condemmed as being unworthy to possess my sanity,
I remain in control not doubting what are the consolations of my efforts at resurection.
Some condemnations Satan doth minister unto my struggle.
This knowledge is a fearful understanding...
I am gone unto my grave.

My love for her is undieing and yet in the visage of every woman I recognise her scorn.
A wicked mockery of our past.
An sylvan setting where she might have me drink once more from the cup of love seems particularly out of reach now that I have let go.

The devil in the body of an inhabited man told I should plant a tree.
Perhaps this might absolve my evil complicity in cutting them down.
Perhaps the struggle will continue...

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Title: 'When Don Juan Meets The Beast With Two Backs"