Woke up on a crash mat.One time overseas I was begging for the needle.I guess I could have gone into another dimension.I could have died.I've got no way of knowing.I spoke to some broad she told me the Chinese discovered Australia.I told her that the wankers in charge of propaganda made us believe that Australia's history is eurocentric.One hundred and sixty eight thousand convicts were sent to this country.And maybe I do have values which run on the high side of the street.When I was born I came out like superman and that's why our history is much more than the first fleet
but not necessarily more than the first child who claims legitimate ownership of governance because the governance we have is old.Its tenure is old, supercilious and cynical.Maybe supporting the monarchy is running afoul of idealism.Still it might be prudent.Maybe at the end of it all we hear the real story.I've said it before that Mothers choose the destiny for their sons and I've said it before that baby boomer hypocrisy has a lot to answer for but also flower power didn't come to the fore without there being a massive toll on civilians during the war.Apart from the insults of those who belittle my right to be autonomous, the only aspect for which I may be criticised as having sold out is to longer say that I'm a King even though that's grandiose but instead now i say I'm a Sultan and is there anything wrong with that.