I haven't looked good for as long as I care to mention.
Volatility and French champagne go hand in hand,
At the race track, on a tram flying high or packing up
like another starving man come into a rich man's house,
come to serve and seeing sin in all its worldly
I haven't been good for a long time.
I just want you to know that.
I just want you to let me be and to know that if you
ever do I will fall like an Iracus from the Sun.
Gifts and gift giving.
Bill payments, insurance, all of it can not be condemmed.  
Nor can it be abhorred.  
Natural justice reign supreme.  
Freedom be honoured as the most virtue is.  
Then be shrouded by hushed secrecy.  
More than this I cannot ask but remember...Spot what is high,  
Avoid what is low and unto yourself be God.