The Theory Of Australian Royalism.

By Duke Thomas of New South Wales.


Two centuries ago Mark Twaine during travail in Australia proclaimed “Australia is a Sleeping Princess but when will she ever get up?”Change for changes sake might lead one to conclude that Australia must succeed from the British Monarchy…I am not an awful Puritan, I am a Cavalier.I prefer the Romance of Versailles to the drudgery of the Bastille.Therefore the answer is the adoption of a ruling Australian Royal Family.I proclaim that just as Napolean had himself crowned Emperor the will of the people will be to crown an Australian King.

Australian citizens be of vision and embellish a ruling family whose mandate as Titular Head of State is derived from God.I believe in God and Constitutional Monarchies, contemporaneously are the most stable in the World free from scurrilous political elections of Presidents but rather rely on Parliament to make decisions, provide the Kings income and require the King to perform merely the role of the Governor General of Australia as it stands today.Fuck the Americans and the Britsh…the Coat of Arms of his Majesty King Gough of Australia shall be a Black Crowe on Yellow.I give credit to Macarthur whom two hundred years gone declared this necessity.harken to my declaration men of arms and we shall be blessed as convicts released from chains and risen to the highest of that which is noble…the nobility.

Your Brother Duke Thomas of New South Wales.