MISSION Australian History Party The cyber organisation Australian History Party is fore mostly egalitarian and seeks to proffer through creativity Political discourse recognising that contemporary political ambition in regards to being Australian is an oxymoron.It's onus if in anyway regarding Politics contends that the contemporaneous theatre of Government is motivated by the self interest of individuals rather than any altruism.Thomas Wentworth Hardy was born in Katoomba NSW on the 6th of July 1972.He attended Normanhurst Boys' High School and graduated in 1989.He has worked in a variety of roles ranging from Management to unskilled Frontline positions.He retains a Tertiary academic record but is yet to have attained a degree.He has travelled and worked mostly in South East Asia.His primary contention is that Australian History including indigenous history provides a precedent of actualised nobility that is not beyond Australians contemporaneously.Lest We Forget