The Reality

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Of Time Mortality
Is Mortality. Is Tolerance.

(Humility and Hellenism)

This poem alludes to my desperate study of classical literature at a time when I was being pursued by the psychiatric system in New South Wales.

  2.The Spirit Of Adventure Is Akin To God

(Insane People Are Oracles)  This poem describes my grandiosity which may or may not be appropriate to society.The Latin meaning of schizophrenia is 'Against God.'i have indeed felt a state of divine bliss perhaps blasphemous to Christian beliefs.


3.Divine Intervention Of The Lord

(Madness Is Primordial)    Herein I describe an obsessive relationship which burned with such a passion that like a bon fire it imploded on itself.Perhaps through my own corruption I forsook true love and have regretted it for years.

  4.Peer Pressure Of The Idiot Squad

(Emancipation)  This poem is about seeking honour in an increasingly shallow materialistic society and overcoming my adversaries who resent romantic philosophy.



5.The Colour Of Tropical Fruit

(Romance Has Its Ups And Downs)  In my early to mid twenties my relationships with women were turbulent.Circumstances such as poverty and illness condemned the trystes to failure and having a restless heart I was always in two minds about settling down.


  6.Escaping The Demise Of Australia

(Evolving Fortitude)  I have become more inclined to 'play dirty' as I have grown older,appreciating that nice guys come last.Despite this I believe much of Ciceronian virtue and Neo-Platonism and aspire to being noble and heroic.

  7.The Affliction Of Mental Illness

(Altruism)  I didn't hear voices until years after my initial diagnosis and the beginning of my voluntarily taking medication.Psychiatrists describe this as positive symptoms and we lucky individuals experience euphoria and can do very well in any field.

  8.The Traveller

(Eccentricity)   Although for many years I was emotionally sad I achieved travel in Queensland,Tasmania and Indonesia.Eventually I lived in supported accomodation right in the middle of Sydney and had a great time.





9.The Colour Of Love

(Ethnicity)   Australian aborigines have many nouns describing different types of sand.Diversity and indigenous people I believe will be taken more seriously in the future by a more civilised Western society.I hope that my creativity can come to be seen as insight rather than the rantings of a madman.


  10.Suburban Satans

(Deploring Materialism)  I took way too much ecstasy in the early nineties which precipitated my ceasing managerial work.The scene back then was however quite positive and open to all types of people.It has become very narrow minded.




  11.Budda In The Industrial Age

(Pacifism)  Buddhism teaches that life is suffering,a constant process of alternating pleasure and pain as this is the nature of bodily materialism.Unless you accept this reality you may not be prepared and become unhinged when even love shows it's ugly side.

  12.Adventures On The Road

(Instinct)  When I was quite naive I believed I was kindred to women and that these supposed virtuos souls would come to my aid.Like Led Zeppelin say 'their souls are made below.





  13.Jacobs Ladder

(Insightful Spirituality)This poem is my method of avoiding scary and negative manifestations of mankind like homosexuality or child molestation.When these negative phenomanen are presented to us in the media one needs to find a way to cleanse one's mind and focus on beauty.I do this by looking at trees and other greenery.  

  14.Caroline The Handover Job

(Rage Against Maltreatment Of Women) One of my greatest bugbears in life is ungentlemanly and cruel behaviour towards innocent people.People around me in society are raping,stealing,murderering,vandalising and assaulting.The victims are men,women and children and the perpatrators are in every country on Earth.If you are married and meet the most beautiful woman on Earth,forget about her that her beauty may escape the jealous spirits.

  15.The Art of Aboriginal Culture

(History) The New World including Australia is largely populated by Eurpean's but deep in the recesses of our mind are we still people who mostly identify with the European continent?I identify with Australian Flora and Fauna and indigenous people.I am white but I am not European. 

  16.Love Tryste Of The Wheeler

(Convict Obscurity) In my past I've walked out on women which I've later regretted.I've been confused about whether to put my career first and choose partners judiciously or make a go of it based on mutual loyalty.I think as it's a fact that the world is constantly spinning and changing there is opportunity out there if I keep my radar seeking signals and at the same time a commitment to monagmy is soulful and beautiful.

   17.Predators Song

(Humility)  Modern society claims a more noble sentiment based on civilised agendas such as the environment however it is just as dark and sordid as the Paris of the Nineteenth century as described by Victor Hugo and Balzac.To survive it one must embrace vices to a certain extent in order to survive the mores of the jungle that the sociopaths at the top of the heap regard as erroneously virtue and sanity.

  18.Warning About North Korea

(History)  Right Wing American's make jingoistic scare comments about communism which are outdated and dangerous.Were we to enter into a war with North Korea it would be extremely bloody and there is no guarantee of success.Too many expensive wars are being fought and young people on both sides are dieing.The meaning of Gallipoli is being misconstrued from 'Never Again' to an evil glorification of war.

 19.Behind Enemy Lines

(Autobiographical)  In 1999 my wife and I travelled by land and sea from Denpasar Bali to Java,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand eventually reaching the Laotian-Chinese border.We returned to Indonesua just before the Interfet invasion of Timor.This journey was an inspiring and intense time.


(Social Commentary) Sexual deviation such as child molestation is a problem for both heterosexual and homosexual communities.The Gay Pride movement asserts that if you are homosexual you can claim the title of a good member of society but what does sex have to do with that.Many Gay men have fantasies about Straight men such as myself;they need to be told that no means no and don't indulge in sex tourism in South East Asia.








21.Wounded Tiger Army  I once askeTd my Father why there are so many homosexual men in Australia;he thinks it is because of violence.Sydney for a young man means not only the slur of being a 'gay boy' but surviving a sexual Gomorah where women are fought over and people don't respect heterosexual monogamy.In some States of the US there is the 'Gay Panic Law' in which violent reactions to homosexuals can be defended due to insecurity and confusion on the part of the perpatrator.In some instances it's justified.






23.Port Out Starboard Home.







The dew in the valley's of the Blue Mountains are fed by pristine mountain creeks and long ago I sprung from her womb to inherit the infamy and the glory based on kindness whose provenance it is hard to explain except to say that my Nana wore plaits as a girl as she rode to school and my Grandfather had created a Victorian residence replete with peacocks and daschund.The little daschund with the heart of a Great Dane.

22.The Three Sisters

(Philial Piety)  When a woman is raped the correct response of people if she survives is to thank God that she has survived.All of these humiliations seem so terrible but my point is that women have a wondrous resilience and throughout history they have survived abuses.My Mother and her Sisters had hard lives when they were young but sought solace in literature and survived to teach their children dignity and strength.