1.Every artifice of subject people is the inspiration of God
and therefore they should not be interfered with.


2.Women and children are made in sanctity and the culture of women and children is therefore to be held in sanctity.


3.Inequality at birth is a reality which requires the State to provide restitution.


4.It is an obligation of every citizen to conduct themselves in a manner of virtuosity supporting the community and its many aspects.


5.The State acknowledges that ambition is a morality and that individual wealth is desirable and should not be impeded owing to the necessity of continued National Economic growth.


6.Justice is the property of Justice alone.


7.As man does not have the power to restore life the State does not have the power to take it away.


8.Every citizen has the right to speak their mind without interference or intimidation.


9.The Aboriginal people suffered gross Injustice due to European settlement and therefore must hold an adored and respected place in Australia's future.


10.The State is required to treat its citizens with respect.dignity and compassion.


11.The Sovereignty of the Nation is to be defended by every able bodied man when faced with a Military invasion.


12.The President is the elected Titular Head of the Nation replacing the Englisn Monarchy in function and the Federal and State Westminster systems are never to be compromised.


13.An individuals success may not be regarded with envy or attributed to another source other than the individual.


14.The State must defend individual creeds when faced with intimidation and discrimination.


15.No citizen may assume religious authority over another citizen and should this occur it is to be regarded as a crime.