THERE"S A WAR ONThe problem is our disregard for the natural world and the horror of the Middle Eastern conflict is like living in a concentration camp which the Jews said was like being
desserted by God.It's too easy for me to say it's British Reason of State and the Palestinian's can get fucked in part it's part of my own self preservation because good always
triumphs over evil.My point is the Israel Palestine conflict is a bubble of civilised nonsense between two couplings that have been cursed with the consequence of Nations
and Nationalism.the real truth is that we are all human beings but most of us didn't receive enough love as children and so we are obsessed with money and ownership
especially of land.Your argument is wrong because you claim that the Jews are responsible for the woes of the Palestinians.The Palestinians are responsible for the woes of
the Palestinians and the Jews are responsible for the woes of the Jews.Immigration has gone on for tens of thousands of years and my people committed genocide and stole
this land off the aborigines who are the rejected stone that always becomes the cornerstone like Bob Marley said.So why aren't there aboriginal terroist groups.We did and
do worse than was done to the Palestinians.It's because they have a good heart and have lived sustainably with the environment for sixty thousand years never once seeking
to dig gold out of the ground.It's Eden wherein Eve never picked the apple.Forget about the History of Jews and Palestinians,you can wake up from History.Although it's
fictitious I am self proclaimed Royal Australian Marine and both participants in the conflict are guilty and the way forward is for Australia to occupy Jereusalem because
success begets success.